Sunday, July 09, 2006


Every good baby blog needs pictures of the baby sleeping soundly in the crib. Here are Laina's obligatory snoozer snapshots. These were taken last Friday night about 11:00 PM just before I went to bed. I snuck in her room and snip-snap I took the pics. She turned over in bed and said "Whaaaaah" once without waking up and fell soundly asleep again. Notice the stranglehold she has on dear sweet Purple Fuzzy Bear.


Anonymous said...

You know what is funny, in some of your photo's she looks so big, like a toddler, but in these photo's of her sleeping she still looks very small and like a baby.

But in all the pics she looks cute!

Laina&laura said...

You're so right anonymous. I've noticed that myself. My friend Moni (she's in pictures I'll post later) said that based on her palm lines, that Laina is an "old soul". I'm not all that much in to palm lines or 'old souls', but it's an interesting observation.
Sometimes, when she's in full melt down mode, I have to remind myself that she is just a baby--- Not quite 19 months old.

Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Your Welcome!

I really like your blog, the photo's are great and the dialogue is funny!

You have a great sense of humour!!.
(I feel like I am blog sucking up, haha)