Friday, June 09, 2006

Meet Pan-Pan and Purple Fuzzy Bear. They are the boys that help me get my little monkey girl to sleep every night. They are long-suffering, patient, tough, gentle and sweet. Pan-Pan was also "born" in China, although he was purchased in Germany. He is a Stieff bear, but since he was made in China and not Germany, he was only $75 Euros. Laina absolutely adores him.

Purple Fuzzy Bear gets his own special portrait. This lovely bear was brand spanking new in November of 2005. He's only 8 months old, but as you can see, he's endured a lot. He used to have a dashing ribbon around his neck which has since been chewed on, and ripped to bits. Laina likes to pull his fur out with her teeth, one strand at a time, and chew on his ears. He his a dear and precious bear, and I will miss him a lot when he reaches his eventual demise.

Laina as you can see loves her bears and will not sleep without them. Purple Fuzzy Bear is the elected one to go on overnight trips with her, since he's small and crunches up well. So, special thanks to my little stuffed helpers.

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