Saturday, July 08, 2006


Well, it was actually on the 3rd that we went Rafting on the American River! We went through and AWESOME class 1 rapid and got all wet and Laina thought it was great fun. We don't have an actual picture of the the raft trip, but here's Laina helping Uncle Ryan and Aunt Aimee getting the raft ready.

The kids also got to ride in the bicycle wagon to go hear a party band play at the community fair. They were called "Funkengruven" and they were very fun to dance to.

Laina at first was not so happy about the wagon.

Then she decided that she would have to just see what was going on. Cousin Eli is not so sure he likes being in the wagon with Laina.

By the time we got to the fair, this is what they looked like. Sweet sleeping angels.

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Anonymous said...

That last photo is adorable, they both look precious!