Sunday, July 01, 2007


I've managed to get a picture of Laina and this Monkey about every 6 months since we came home in October 2005. Here's the series as it is now. The monkey is a little statue at the front gate of the Santa Ana Zoo.

June 2007

Novemberish 2006

Julyish 2006

December 2005


Anonymous said...

i used to go to the santa ana zoo when i was a little kid. my mother-in-law, also know as rob's mom, has worked there quite a bit. she might still. if you see a short little, white haired woman named yvonne there, that's mom!

ericprogrammer said...

Taking a picture at the same place over time is really good idea. It is a nice little visual log of a person growing up.

I wonder where I could start our video log?