Friday, July 27, 2007


My friend Scott and his family gave Laina this very nice velour jog suit. It's sized as "18 months". When I first got it, I couldn't believe that Laina would EVER be big enough to wear it and I had to roll up the legs for the longest time. Have a look at it now! It's almost highwaters now and I think I'll have put it in the "wait for the next one" bag. Thanks again, Scott and Mrs. T for the jogsuit! Laina really has enjoyed wearing it and would pet her legs and say, "it's so soft!" when she had it on.

Another nice gift we've received recently came from our neighbor Anne and her sons Andrew, Brandon and Christopher. Anne had been collecting these adorable little dolls for years and she came to the time in her life where it was time to let them go. Guess who has them now!! Laina loves them and calls them her "babies" and she puts them in her tricycle and gives them rides around the block. Thanks Anne!!

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