Monday, March 12, 2007

Here's a picture that my mom took of us on a hike around the local area. I'm going to use it for our "family picture" that we have to send to China for our next adoption. I have to point out that the Blue sweater that I'm wearing was one that I bought my Sophomore year in Highschool. Yes, that would make it about...umm....21 years old. My vintage Gap cardigan is finally of drinking age.

Here's a picture of Laina with our dear friend Annie. Annie was adopted from China when she was a little baby and now she's 12. We like Annie and love to see her in Church. Annie is very sweet with Laina and likes to sit next to us and help entertain Laina. Last week Laina went to Church with my parents and Jorg and I stayed home for a break. That was nice.

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