Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, Trevor, your birthday post is getting bumped down the blog. I see you haven't logged into your myspace account, so I don't even know if you've seen it or not!'s time for Friday Family Foto Fun Challenge...or whatever. You can see the other entries HERE.

The theme is sleep. I've made this collage of several pictures of Laina sleeping. Mostly I don't like sleeping pictures, because so many times, after I take a picture of my sleeping angel, she doesn't look like she's sleeping. She looks...well...OK I'll just say it...She looks dead. Quite frankly it creeps me out. But I like these pictures. My favorite is the one where she's got her forehead on the floor. This was taken about 3 days after we got home and Laina was getting over jet lag. We were letting her explore her environment and trying to keep her awake. I turned my back for a sec and this is what I saw when I looked back...this baby had just crapped out and couldn't for the life of her, stay awake any more.

So--the sleep collage (click for a larger picture!!)


Donna said...

That one with her forehead on the floor just cracks me up! So funny!


mexican chopsticks said...

She is so cute, specially the one with the forehead on the floor. I have one like that of my daughter sleeping that way but she did that after having a big tantrum (just a couple of days after we came back home from China.)