Sunday, December 03, 2006


Today, in China, there is a woman. This woman doesn't know this yet, but sometime, in the next year, she will get pregnant. She will carry this baby to term, and she will give birth. Maybe she's poor. Perhaps she was raped. Maybe she's a college kid who was fooling around with her boyfriend and didn't know what else to do. Maybe this woman will suffer horible post-partum depression. Maybe this woman has an evil mother-in-law who will give an ultimatum. Maybe this woman has an abusive husband. Maybe this baby will be born a girl. Maybe we can't even guess the circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances, this woman will find it necessary to leave her child in a place that it will be found. Perhaps in a park, perhaps in a marketplace, perhaps in a train station, it doesn't really matter, but the baby will be found. The baby will then go to the orphanage and be fed, clothed, and provided with basic needs until it is about a year old. Then, through the process of paperwork and time, the baby will be placed in my arms and I will become it's mother. Jorg will become it's father and Laina will become it's sister.
So now, as I will for every night for the rest of my life, I will say a prayer for this woman.
Sometime in 2008, we will bring our new baby home. Until then, I can only pray.


J said...

Hey, congratulations and good luck. Any new child that you get will be lucky to have you as parents and Laina as a sister.

I would volunteer myself, but i'm a bit to big to be adopted now! ;0)

ericprogrammer said...

Congrats on adopting a new wee one! Sisterhood will add such an amazing dimension to Laina and through that, to your family.

Have you gotten a log in date yet?
Are you using ASIA?

I have heard that Shawn and Stephanie are somewhere in the paperwork process of a second adoption.

Again, Congratulations!