Sunday, November 05, 2006

You call it corn.
We call it Maize.
Laina has fun at the CORN MAZE!!!
This is from Sauvie Island Corn Maze a few days before Halloween on our trip to Portland.


J said...

That corn looks yummy and Laina knows it, hehe!

Anonymous said...

I read some of your website, and I have a question. Is 7th Heaven an accurate portrayal of what it is like growing up with a pastor as a dad?

Laina&laura said...

Hey there anonymous,
Let see...I've watched 7th heaven a grand total of (hang on...let me check my records...yes, just as I thought) Exactly ZERO times. So, I can't really answer that question. I can tell you that my experience as a Pastor's kid was a good one. I never was told that I had to act a certain way or whatever just because my dad was the Pastor. I don't know how my life would be different if my dad was say, a plumber. My dad was kind of like every other dad, except he put on a stage show every weekend with singing, talking, genuflecting...the works!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for answering my question! I had to laugh at the amount of times you have watched Seventh Heaven, that show has more going on than any soap you could watch. :0)
I hope you and Laina have a great thanksgiving, oh and your husband too!!