Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday Laina saw me working on my Kobudo Skills, and after I was done, picked up my bo and started trying to do some "skillz" of her own. AWESOME, Laina! You'll have your first bo kata down before you're 3. Seriously, I went out and bought a length of 1 inch pine dowling for her very first bo. It's so cute! I'll post some cheezy posed out "Laina the Martial Artist" shots when I take some tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I missed the pics. WB!

Laina looks like a martial arts pro already!


Iron Jellyfish said...

The last photo holds a place of honor in our school. Hope all is well, no wildfires raging about, and endless summer is upon you all.
How's the training? Pass another test? Howzabout that silly President Chavez from Argentina? What a guy! Funny, all I smell from George is BS.