Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's been a LONG time since I've updated our blog, so I've got a SLEW of pictures for you!

LAST WEEKEND, Jorg was cleaning up the garage. We have to clean the garage, because we're expecting some friends to come over and we need to move the glass table in the garage, the futon where the table was, and then set up the keyboards where the futon was. SO Jorg did that on Saturday and Sunday. He did a good job. He had to use the ladder to climb up to the attic space and guess what Laina decided to do?? Yes! She wanted to climb the ladder, too!

On Monday, my dad "Grandpa" took us to the zoo! Here are a couple of pictures of Laina posing with the Monkey statue.

And here's what she looked like when we went to the zoo in December 2005 at Christmas time.

Here's a picture of Laura and Laina on the Turtle!

This is just a funny picture of Laina. Notice the runny nose and the clip in her hair that I had to put her in a full Nelson with a leg lock to get in her hair.

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