Monday, August 21, 2006

I have never wanted to be a gardener. I really don't do well with plants. I've killed many MANY plants over the course of my life time, but I want to try again for a good reason. Tomatoes. There are few things which I love more than garden grown tomatoes, fresh picked and warmed by the sun. I LOVE home grown tomatoes. And Laina also loves tomatoes. So, the other day we were at the local Organic Farmer's market and I bought a single, scrawny, tomato plant. I put it in a big pot and Laina helped me pour new dirt in. Now, every day (or so) I remember to dump some water on it and I watch it and wave my hands in some magic ju-ju way and tell it to grow tomatoes. Last week I noticed a little tiny tomato on the stalk. It's barely there, but it's there. All I've got to say to this plant is that if it doesn't pay for it's way around here, it is COMPOST.

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Anonymous said...

uh oh plant, you better watch out, hehe.

I think tomatoes are actually quite easy to grow, even for those of us without green thumbs, but I could be wrong, I could kill grass! ;-)