Friday, July 07, 2006

I've been asked why I call this blog "Bang the Drum and Shout". So, I'll explain that now.
When we were looking for names for Laina, we wondered if the syllables "Lai Na" would mean anything in Mandarin. As it turns out they don't mean anything special, but if you have 3 characters, that sound like "Lai Na Han" it means, 'bang the drum and shout'. When I read that in our Chinese dictionary, I was pretty well convinced that "Laina" should be the name for our daughter. Jorg also liked the name and it worked well for German speakers and also English speakers.

Laina is a Finnish name which means "a Loan". Laina's given Chinese name is "Fu Ying" which means "welcome blessings". I think that Laina Fu Ying means "A welcome blessing on loan". Which I think is a fitting name for her.

Together we can "Lai Na Han"--Bang the Drum and Shout-- all day long!

This is a picture of me and baby Laina, the week she joined the family in late October 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, from what I can tell, she has grown big quickly. She looked like a little baby there and now she looks like a toddler, all in less than a year! WOW!

And Laina is a beautiful name.