Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm going to start this post by showing you a few pictures of people from China. These particular examples of people in China were taken by someone in Shanghai. I found them on the internet after a did a photo search using "Chinese Squat". I knew I would find some of these pictures. My point in posting them is that this position is very common. Any time there is a need to wait for some time, you will find at least one person, but more likely several in the "Chinese Squat" position. It's something that they start from babyhood and then continue to do over the course of their life. Yes, they do squat to go potty, but it's very prevalent in day to day life; waiting for the bus, smoking, chatting with a friend, buying eggs...whatever.

You can see, she is well on her way to perfecting the Chinese squat. It's very funny, she would rather play in the squat position than plop down on her rear end the way I've seen other kids do. I wonder, very tongue in cheek, if there's a "Squat" gene.


Whatsername said...

My brother and I might have gotten the "chinese squat gene" because we both do that. In fact, I find it very relaxing to sit like back muscles stretch out and my hiny muscles too. Also, have you ever sat in wet grass or been playing in the mud? Well, that squat works great...

Anonymous said...

Yep, whatsername is right. Her brother thinks it's oh so funny that I can not squat with my feet flat-footed nor can I squat very long. He thinks our family is strange for not being able to chinese squat he thought everyone could at least he and his niece will be able to squat and laugh at all of us.