Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BOY! It's been a busy couple of days. Saturday we went to Church (it was OK. Laina had fun). Then in the afternoon we went to a Chinese Food festival and got to see Lion Dancing, Shaolin Monks and some guy balancing bowls on his head while riding a Unicycle!

Sunday afternoon my mom and dad watched Laina so Jorg and I could get some things done like shopping, stuff around the house and going out to eat. I also got my hair cut. My once every sometimes hair cut. Now I have "Mom Hair". Oh well...it will grow out. I didn't cut bangs this time, because the last time I cut bangs I looked like a COMPLETE idiot. Now I look like only a sort of idiot.

Yesterday we went to the Science center to learn about Sciency stuff. Laina's so smart now that she's learned all about the Doppler Effect and Bernouli's Law.

This morning we went and picked out some frames for Laina's first pair of glasses. Laina has intermittent strabismus--in layman's terms--she's Wall Eyed. That doesn't sound very nice at all, does it? Her right eye doesn't point in the same direction as the left eye all the time. If the glasses don't work, she may need surgery later on. We'll see.



Whatsername said...

I am sure Laina will appreciate layman's terms: Wall eyed vision. Especially, since she understand's what his faces law and what his names effect! You are an awesome mom for already teaching her those things. She will have her PhD by the time she is 7 !!

Anonymous said...

lol @ the above PhD comment.

Also, more beautiful pics and your haircut doesn't look so bad, but I did prefer the longer hair!