Saturday, May 27, 2006

A New backback!! Today we went to REI to get Laina a new backpack so that we can go on Hikes together. Laina had a good time riding around while we tried them on. After we got home, she played soccer with daddy in the back yard. She has fun chasing the ball around and practicing her kicking skills. I got some good video of that, too. Right now, she's down for a nap and she's quiet, but not sleeping. I can hear her talking to her bears. She'll fall asleep pretty soon, though. This afternoon, after nap, we'll go looking at an openhouse down the street, and maybe go for a walk around the neighborhood.

In other news, the microwave broke this afternoon. It just stopped working for no apparent reason. We should still have it under warranty, so I can take it to the service center on Tuesday.

Laina really enjoyed eating the strawberries and cottage cheese for breakfast!

And do you see that grey mass in the dish? That is a rock! Laina wanted to have it in her hand at the table and then she started using it to pulverize the strawberries. When I tried to take it away from her she was NOT HAPPY! So, I let her keep it in the bowl with the strawberries. Funny kid.

Before we went to REI I tried to convince Laina that she should wear her hat. She tried it on and thought it was very funny to run around and shake her head back and forth. But she didn't leave it on. I caught this funny picture of her doing her little hat dance.

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