Friday, May 26, 2006

Today we spent the day at my parents house. I needed to make a trip to the hardware store for some things to make a gift for my nephew. My dad watched her while I was working. Earlier that morning, as my mother was coming down the stairs, she saw the ceiling in the living room had fallen down and there was water pouring out the the ceiling. A pipe had burst! The sofa was soaked, the carpet was soaked, but worst of all...the piano had filled with water. So while I was working, a plumber came to fix the pipe and a piano company came to take the piano away and carefully dry it out. Here's a picture of the ceiling:

Here's the Piano being packed up and carted away:

Laina thought this whole thing was very exciting and enjoyed the whole process. When I was using the saw to cut the pvc pipe I had bought, she thought that was very scary and cried. She was so worn out with a busy and exciting morning, that she fell asleep in the car on the way home and then slept for 2 hours after that!

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Whatsername said...

I hope the piano is okay. I am sure your mom felt bad about that.