Monday, April 30, 2007

We went to church this week because my father is preaching his last sermon at the church he's currently head pastor of. He's going to be moving on to his next project next month. My sister came down for the weekend and we got to spend some time together. Here's a picture of Laina and Eli in the kids program wearing funky sunglasses. In the program they're studying about "Jesus made me" and they're talking about the 5 senses and body parts and whatnot. There's a little song they sing about "Some people wear glasses to help them see better". During this song, all the kids get to wear funky sunglasses. Laina really thinks this is fun, so she has to take off her real glasses and put on the play sunglasses and sing a song about how some people have to wear glasses. So here' a picture of E. and Laina wearing their glasses.

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