Friday, April 13, 2007

Tonight's blog is one for the baby book. Before Laina went in for her bath that she badly needed because she had streaming drips of ice-cream making their way down her belly, I asked her if she wanted to sit on the big potty. She said she did. I put her on the big potty. She peed!!! AND she made poo-poo IN THE BIG POTTY!!! Is the quest for cheaper better diaper finally over because they are now obsolete? Let's see how she does when I do the "potty training in earnest". I think I'll start that next week...or month...or sometime.

And now...a picture that has nothing to do with the above. Recently, Laina and I did a collaborative artwork. It's our first museum quality painting that you can have for the amazing price of $49.99. Original artwork signed by the artists. Seriously, this painting is not for sale at any price and if you steal it, we will track you down and staple your lips to the Grand Coulee dam. So, just so you know, don't steal our artwork. Anyways...after it was completed, Laina needed to be cleaned up a bit because she obviously put her body mind and soul into her self expression. I had to tuck her under my arm and carefully tote her to the tub so she didn't get paint all over the universe. She thought this was somewhat undignified for an artist of her stature and thus the sour face. Feel sorry for her.

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Anonymous said...

Don't we get to at least see the artwork we can't buy or steal??