Saturday, June 03, 2006

Today was a very hot day and we played a long time in the bucket with the clothes pins. Laina decided that playing in the bucket was more fun when she didn't have on her saggy diaper that leaks, so she played without anything on. I didn't take any pictures of her altogetherness to show the world, but it was funny to see her walking around the patio naked holding her precious clothespins.

I know I'm posting LOTS of pictures of Laina eating. I wouldn't do this but for one thing; Eating is one of Laina's FAVORITE pastimes. Anytime you ask her what she wants, she signs "eat, eat, eat". So, today's pictures of Laina eating are of her trying to eat Vanilla yogurt with a spoon. She gave up on the spoon and just tried to pick up the yogurt with her hand and shovel it in. This caused the yogurt to get all over her face. Then she saw me laughing at her and she thought that if she rubbed in the yogurt more, I would laugh more. So, she went for the hair treatment, and sure enough, I laughed more. After she finished with the yogurt, I took her outside and we played in the bucket and got all clean again.


Whatsername said...

Oh, my I totally want to play with yogurt! Laina gets to have so much fun.

Eliza2006 said...

The yogurt is everywhere except the bib. That's such a cute picture!