Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's only 1:00 and already we've had a full day! This morning we went to the DMV to get my new drivers license. I only missed 1 question on the test (good job, ME!). After the DMV we went outside and I taught Laina the finer points of car washing. The subaru hadn't been washed since my friend washed after it went on a mushroom picking expedition. So, we washed the Subi. It was truly filthy. I didn't get the inside vacuuumed yet. (yes, the extra 'u's are on purpose. I hate the word vacuuuuuuuuummmm.) After that, Laina decided to play with her new ball and then her other very favorite best new toy. Her clothes pins. Laina LOVES her clothes pins and spent a long time puting them in one tupperware, to the cup and then on the patio and then in the Tupperware. Funny Laina.

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Whatsername said...

Hey, I bet those clothes pins are super fun and cheaper than the wooden train set I just bought...for a little blonde boy